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Fun fact I never wanted to be a business owner. It wasn't something I ever saw myself doing. It was actually my patients in England who put the idea in my head. For this reason, I didn't have a clear picture of what I was trying to create when choosing it's name. However, I knew for certain what I was creating was definitely called Zephyr Movement.

Zephyr literally means a gentle breeze and Movement, whilst it seems a logical choice for the physio in me, was actually selected for a different definition. The intention was to create a group of people with similar beliefs who work together to do something. Whilst I'm still in the very early stages of business owning and the pandemic has been an interesting challenge in the infant stage, my goal is to offer a different choice for people.

I love the quote by Albert Einstein, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results." Burning out, quitting life and living overseas was my redirection. I didn't want to come back home, fall back into the life I had previously created and have to take a hiatus in a few years when it drove me insane... again. I want an ecological life. I wanted to choose a life where every aspect feeds into the other, creating a sustainable evolving unit. It seems to me whilst the world is changing, hustle and grind are still broadly valued highly. I myself valued hustle and grind throughout my schooling and into my early career and whilst that is a sustainable choice for some...

Zephyr Movement was always intended as a lifestyle change. It was an offering to choose differently, perhaps choose better for you, not to simply take a break, recoup, only to go back to the same path. At ZephM, we value comfort, gentle strength, feeling your feelings and the not so fancy, not so loud, small choices that turn into big changes. If you're ready to pick differently, see the subtle choices as the defining ones and join the Zephyr Movement as it continues to evolve, here is your starter pack.

I gift you:

*A bag full of increased awareness of your breath and of your thoughts

*A coupon to breathe a little more gently and soften your muscles just a little more (no expiration date needed)

*A free pass per day for stillness: to tune into your senses, feel all the feels without apologising or receive some inner insight

*An invitation to choose the most kind and compassionate thoughts especially when your first thought is less than kind

*Endless permission slips to choose your comfort over anyone else's expectations

What you will receive:

*A top up of resilience and a little slice of calm amid the chaos that is our brutiful lives

*A whole bunch of nerdy facts about breathing and the nervous system

*A place where space is held, you are included and being the full spectrum of human is expected

For those already in the Zephyr Movement, soaring, falling and living wholeheartedly, thank you. Your support in whatever way it arrives is always appreciated. Follow us on IG: @zephyr.movement or send us an email to get involved and share how you're choosing to live the 'ZephM Way'. Because the more strong, gentle individuals the stronger more gentle community we create.

Be kind ✌️

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