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Are you exhausted but don't know how to relax?

We work with people who:

  • Go above and beyond for their clients

  • Work incredibly hard 

  • Are highly sensitive and empathetic humans

  • Want to enjoy a long and successful career

You're incredible at your job but find yourself exhausted, drained and not being able to 'switch off from work'.

Sound Familiar? The best skills you can ever learn to serve your clients for a long successful career is the art of gentle resilience.

Awareness may allow us to find more rest in the things we’re already doing rather than having to add more in...


Ease Into Rest Online Support
1:1 offering | Enrol now to start Dec 19th 2023

Are you feeling overwhelmed and struggle to actually rest?

Perhaps you're so busy supporting everyone else, you don't even know what support you need?

Perhaps anxiety and fatigue are becoming a daily grind?

Our most comprehensive offering is for you. Tessa provides 1:1 support and guidance.


  • 3x 1hr personalised online sessions

  • Self paced Ease into Rest online program

  • Easy to follow Workbook



  • Unlimited access to:

    • Ease Communication 

    • Ease Breathing 

  • Ease Sleep module​

  • Active rest colouring sheets



$668.70 (Intro Offer)

Payment plan also available.


Mini Course
Self paced learning | Coming Soon Join Waitlist

Have you been told you're at risk of burnout and want to prevent it?
Do you experience occasional overwhelm and anxiety?


Our self paced short courses are for you.


Choose from our selection of courses:​


  • Audio clips with breathing education and/or trance

  • Active rest colouring sheets


$47 per short course (Intro Offer)


Any Questions?

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