Amidst the Mess

Jun 07, 2024
Transition phases

Transition phases are my least favourite. It’s these times where trust and patience are truly tested. We hardly ever admit, celebrate or share in the messiness. Is it because we are busy doing our best to ride through the overwhelming waves of uncertainty? Is it because we all prefer a story of triumph rather than a solution-less one? Or perhaps something else entirely? It almost feels like bobbing in the middle of the ocean. The transition phase is exciting in the anticipation of what may come and also the terror of what may lurk beneath in the unknown. 


In these phases, freeze state is common. The unknown almost forces a paralysis of inaction. Seemingly, this is better than making the wrong choice. When our bodies are busy ‘playing dead’ how can we defrost? How do we move into the space of the unknown? Or is it ok to rest in the stillness for a while?


Does the waiting, the trusting, the patience show us that perhaps there is no wrong decision? Could it be true that no matter the path we choose it leads to a common destination? Could it be that we really can trust whatever small action starts to break us free to thaw? Would that make the messiness a little less intimidating? I’d love to know how you move through your transitions and find calm in the waiting?


With kindness,



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