Meet Tessa

Qualified Physiotherapist, Applied Psychotherapist and Breath Educator

Zephyr Movement was founded by Tessa Gillespie. Her unique approach is steeped in a deep physiological understanding of breathing and the importance of comfort in the nervous system. We provide a soft place to re-calibrate after the constant grind and hustle demanded on us. We teach you easy to apply techniques to ensure long lasting change in your emotional state, movement and sleep.

We use Breath Coupled Movement, Breathing Re-training and Clinical Hypnotherapy as primary modalities.


What we Specialise in?

Resetting your brain's set point for breathing

Using your breath for easy and efficient movement

Lifelong skills to maintain nervous system regulation

Emotional processing tools to manage life's ups and downs

Individualised sessions for your specific needs

 Breathing Basics Online Program is now a self-paced independent learning platform! 

I really loved the practical and simple applications of the breathing teachings and tips into my everyday life. It ...helps to create consistency in their usage for the long term.


The self pace nature of the course was excellent and the fortnightly group calls are a great motivator to keep on top of the content.


The time and effort that has gone into developing this program is extremely evident. It is of a very high standard and pitched perfectly to the audience. Amazing job Tessa and Zephyr Movement.



Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as true strength...

Thank you for your knowledge, guidance and support through this and the Breathing Re-training.


I think you really have found your calling, you are fantastic at what you do!


I have benefitted so much from our sessions.

- A. R.

I recently completed Pregnancy Breathing Re-training with Tessa.

I have learnt so much!


Even while pregnant, I have noticed improvements in my hay fever, breathlessness during exercise and ability to breathe with ease through my nose.


I wish I did this earlier! Highly recommend Zephyr Movement.

- E. E.

This year has been a massive one for me... connecting to my inner self on a level I never knew I could!

...I wanted to give a massive shout out and even bigger THANK YOU to the lovely Tessa from @zephyr.movement!

Anyone a bit unsure or skeptical about giving hypnotherapy a go I highly recommend Tessa!”

- S. T.


Ready to live more gently and optimise your health?

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