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Healing Gently Through Breath and Neuroplasticity


Meet Tessa

Registered Physiotherapist, Applied Psychotherapist and Breathing Educator

Zephyr Movement was founded by Tessa Gillespie. Her unique approach utilises the physiology of breathing and the importance of comfort in the nervous system. We provide a soft place to re-calibrate after the constant grind and hustle demanded on us. We teach you easy to apply techniques with the aim of long lasting change in your emotional state, movement and wellbeing.

We use physiotherapy and applied psychotherapy as primary modalities.

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How do we work along side you?

Guide your breathing toward baseline physiological normal

Optimising your breath for easy and efficient movement

Practial nervous system regulation tools for long term management

Gentle processing of emotions through life's ups and downs

Individualised sessions for your specific needs

 2023 Offerings:

Group offerings to start May 2023:

Register your expressions of interest at

Enjoy a cup of tea and share. Bring along an expression of your creativity or a song/artwork/curation/creation that has resonated with you to share.

A class focused on breathing education, sensation and movement to facilitate a deeper understanding of your body and to find comfort in your breath


Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as true strength...

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Ready to live more gently and optimise your health?

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