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Strength in Gentleness (30 × 40cm)_edite

Meet Tessa

Registered Physiotherapist, Applied Psychotherapist and Breathing Educator

Tessa is the heart and soul behind Zephyr Movement. She guides people out of burnout, anxiety, breathing dysfunction and/or persisting pain. Over the last four years she has helped over 200 people ease their symptoms and cultivate long term management strategies.

Her aim as a practitioner and mentor is to guide people into gentle resilience. Her client's have been tough for so long, now completely depleted left searching for a sustainable way to continue navigating life's challenges.



 What do overwhelm, anxiety and pain have in common?

They all trip our nervous system's response to protect us.

In order to find wellbeing we must first learn safety in a more comfortable way.



Our brains are so good at running patterns on autopilot.

Whether it be a limited breathing, movement or thought pattern, all can create discomfort.

Before we can change anything we must first become aware of what is really present.



Only once we feel safe and have the skills to return to the present, is it appropriate to process less than easy sensations and emotions.

We do this gently by using your imagination. In a way we find a 'melody' to process your pain through.


Our Process:

Healing through breath and neuroplasticity

Our mission:

To create a community of people who value gentle resilience.

Breathing Re-training | Movement Patterns | Hypnotherapy


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