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Zephyr Movement Clinic

Physiotherapy | Psychotherapy 

1B / 30 Currumbin Creek Rd Currumbin Waters 4223

Our services are based in a knowledge of the nervous system and physiological breathing delivered in a way that is practical and easy to understand. 


  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Breathing Re-training
  • Movement Psychotherapy
  • NDIS Psychotherapy

Applied Psychotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy:
Enjoy the deep relaxation and peace of trance whilst we collaborate on re-wiring your subconscious. Trance is simply a relaxed state whilst still maintaining some alertness. In this state we might more easily access underlying thought patterns/beliefs which drive our conscious behaviours. 

Breathing Re-training:

Changing your breathing, changes your physiology. If you suffer from a heightened nervous system, breathing re-training may be a gentle way of improving your ability to transition between nervous system states. 

​Intuitive counselling:

Changing perspective can initiate, motivate and encourage healing. Gaining a greater understanding of self, our relationships and our nervous system response can promote change in our lives.

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