What dreams are made of...

This month I thought I would share a blog from our online membership Inside the Storm. Gain direct access to the actual trances from inside our hypnotherapy treatments and more personal entries revealing how I use my professional experience in my own life.

I'm cloaked in darkness, only sensing a menacing presence in my midst. The silence only heightening the thick awareness, I am the object of a predacious surveillance. My heart begins to thump in my chest echoing into my ears. Only to be dominated by a single resounding thought, run. However, this merely flags the start of the chase. My predator closing in, I hear their rapid breathing and pounding footsteps powerfully building intensity. Occasionally, I feel the brush of their ominous touch lunging for my shoulder. My panic rises exponentially as I inevitably reach a dead end. With almost certain capture in sight, I open my mouth, inhaling whatever air I can accumulate to roar the alarm. Then, nothing. Silence reverberates on every panicked goose bump covering my body. Just as suddenly, with a petrified gasp, I wake.

This has been the most frequent 'nightmare' of mine in recent years. The location of the chase is almost always different, ensuring shock at my unexplained mutism. With every abrupt return to awareness, I ask myself, "Again? Why?". Surely, I am not the only one to experience anxiety inducing dreams that repeat?

Dream interpretation has been a keen interest of mine only amplified by my studies into hypnotherapy and the subconscious. Whilst there is an abundance of information supplied by Dr Google, each of our subconscious minds are unique to our experiences and emotions. To this end, it is my humble opinion to first look simply at how you felt in this dream for clues on its meaning. For me, surely you can perceive my terror and panic.

Once you have identified the raw emotions, I invite you to get curious as to what elements your subconscious used to convey this? Don't overthink it. The first things to pop up are usually the most accurate. Being watched reminds me of judgement. Running conjures avoiding the problem. Being chased to a dead end feels like being forced to face your challenges and the lack of voice shouts to difficulty expressing my needs. Which brings me right back to terror and panic.

The message I hear is, find your voice. This then guides me to work on places in my life where perhaps I am scared to set a boundary for fear of judgement. Sometimes, we merely have a vague feeling that we want our life to improve in some way without a clear pathway to that goal. It's so common in the self improvement era, to feel overwhelmed on where to even begin. This is why dreams are a great gateway. Not always, but it can be our subconscious revealing our most prominent concern.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to journal the dream step by step looking first at the emotions, then your meanings to certain imagery and finally trying on different ways to connect the dots for your waking life. We then can create an action plan. Continuing with my example, I journal areas of my life where I am not expressing my needs clearly and write down phrases someone might use to get their needs met. I verbalise the options and feel what is most authentic to me.

If you also experience a similar dream to me. Here is a fun fact and top tip for you. When our amygdala (the stress centre) in our brain is activated, our brains go into survival mode. The first step of this is to switch off our frontal lobe. This is also where our speech centres are located. By audibly vocalising our preferred words, it is more likely they will be front of mind when our stress centre alleviates enough to 'word again'.

Comment below what is your recurrent dream? Are you also unable to word when feeling scared or anxious?

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