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Movement Made Easier

Updated: May 3, 2021

ZM focuses on mechanics of movement, chemistry of exercise and sensory information to gently train your nervous system to move more easily. Bonus, our emphasis on comfort offers an inclusive approach. It is one of my favourite topics, let's break down a quick overview of three ways to make movement easier. 1. Nasal is best and here is why: (That is inhaling and exhaling through the nose) -It acts as a natural pacer of safe intensity -Warms, filters and releases gases to optimise air movement in the body 2. Diaphragmatic breathing protects against fatigue and here is why: (side note: find the bottom of your ribs and walk your fingers all the way around your body front and back. This is where your diaphragm is higher than your belly) -It is a slow twitch muscle fibre dominant muscle built for endurance -It facilitates a great balance between stabilising and controlled activity of your core muscles better supporting your limbs/spine 3. Optimal posture conserves energy and here is why: (The best posture is the position where your muscles are most relaxed. Scan your body for anywhere you're holding tension and imagine warm honey melting it downward.) -Working on improving posture promotes mindfulness in the body (this reduces anxiety too) -It allows you to do more activity with less effort. So nasal, diaphragmatic breathing in a great posture are the best ways to move more efficiently. If you give it a go and find it less than easy you can book appointments online here or join our FREE one hour walking group, starting in May 6th 6am at Len Wort Park. We will alternate for the month of May each week between Thurs 6am the first week then Friday 5pm the second week, Thurs 6am the third week and Friday 5pm the fourth week. Simply email: or DM @zephyr.movement to sign up and connect.

Happy Moving!

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