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4 Reasons I Fell in Love with Hypno

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

1. Promotes relaxed nervous system

For those of us stuck in the grind and hustle of life, relaxation can feel like a foreign concept. Even when we are 'chilling' we are thinking of all the things we should be doing or feeling guilty about taking the time to rest. The process of inducing trance (hypnotic state) essentially tricks the mind into relaxing. There are several different techniques hypnotherapists can use to bypass the busy mind and crack open your peaceful and relaxed state. Um... yes please!

2. Maximises a theta state for good (not evil)

If you are someone who loves to zone out whilst watching tv, one of the reasons you love it is because it allows your brain to enter into a theta wave state. It is a slower wave that enables the subconscious mind to be more suggestible. Hence, why tv advertising is so effective. They get us in a theta wave state and then convince us we need this food or that product to achieve the affect they are advertising. Other examples of theta wave states are hypnotic trance, meditation, day dreaming, fixing your gaze to the point the vision softens or driving somewhere automatically. Hypnotherapy offers us the opportunity to choose what we program into our subconscious. The place that drives all our decisions, behaviours and beliefs. Not to mention that in this slower brain wave state, the rate of healing is sped up x3! Who doesn't want to respond, react and show up in the world a little better than they did yesterday?

3. Opens creative mind

We spend so much of our time in our logical minds. Analysing, critically evaluating, making decisions and making sense of our day to day experiences. Theres a reason why creative things like music, art, writing and dancing are fun. We get to use a different part of our brains and release feel good chemicals like oxytocin and seretonin. Using the more creative parts of our brain to balance out all this logical thinking can promote a greater sense of wellbeing and balance. The same side of our brains that look after creativity also involve emotional processing. Therefore, hypnotherapy trains us to look at things from a more creative perspective and challenge concrete ways of thinking to integrate emotion based experiences. This is why we ask questions like, What colour is this emotion for you? Head to instagram to participate in 'What's your mood Mondays?' and get the creative thinking juices flowing.

​4. Don't have to talk about what's bothering you and still get help

I possibly saved the best for last! Whether you just can't work out what is bothering you/ why you do something or whether you have experienced something traumatic, hypno can help without having to talk about it. Because hypno is simply about guiding you down into a relaxed state and opening the subconscious mind. As a hypnotherapist I can guide you through accessing your inner knowing/wisdom, clearing stagnant emotions and/or reframing traumatic memories without me having to know what the content is.

If you are intrigued and want to get a taste of hypnotherapy. Download the free trance clip here to welcome in the invaluable gifts hypnotherapy can offer you to ease tension, stress and anxiety in your nervous system.

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