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Breathing Basics Program

Life could be defined by breathing, starting with your first breath and ending with your last. Research is emerging as to how much breathing influences overall health. So why not learn to do it right starting with the basics...

Participant benefits may include:

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved efficiency of movement

  • Reduced pain perception

  • Overall improved wellbeing

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Included Value?

  • Unlimited access to Zephyr Movement's Breathing Basic Course

  • Exclusive access to Zephyr Movement's Breathing Basics Facebook Group

  • 6 x fortnightly group webinars for progress updates, Q+A's and more

  • 4x breathing tracks to re-train your brain's set point for breathing

  • 3 months guided practice through the course

  • Home movement programs for more efficient breathing and movement

  • Bonus hypnotherapy modules to assist specifically with anxiety and sleep

  • Optional additions: 1:1 sessions with Tessa for more personalised guidance + feedback


"Learning to breathe in a more relaxed manner and without effort at growing intervals during the day. Amazing how calming/re-energising that is!"

- J.O


"I feel the price point was great value for money especially with the unlimited access during and post the program."

- S.W