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NDIS Physiotherapy

Home visits offered for airway clearance routines + exercise programs.

Our service includes physiotherapy as well as breathing pattern education.

       How can we help you?

  • Home exercise programs

  • Airway clearance routine establishment + modification

  • Diaphragmatic breathing training

  • Optimising breathing for movement + trunk support

  • Cough improvement strategies

Physiotherapy with a special interest in breathing

What are some examples of neuromuscular disorders?
• Spinal cord injury

• Muscular dystrophies
• Cerebral Palsy
• Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
• Multiple Sclerosis

Signs you could benefit from Physiotherapy:
• Reduced oromotor control (Reflux, history of aspirations, sleep apnea)
• Reduced mobility (uses a mobility aid and/or wheelchair)
• Has a scoliosis (can impair lung function)
• Impaired trunk control (weak cough, secretion retention)
• Frequent chest infections
• Impaired upper limb function for some NMD (Duchenne’s and ALS)

People with neuromuscular conditions are at greater risk of chest infections. Chest physiotherapy helps with treatment and prevention.

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