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Breath-Focused Physiotherapy | Applied Psychotherapy 

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Our services are based in a deep knowledge of the nervous system and physiological breathing science delivered in a way that is practical and easy to understand.

       How can we help you?

  • Improved Sleep

  • Reduced Anxiety

  • Increased movement efficency/performance

  • Decreased perceived pain

  • Improved overall wellbeing

Breath-Focused Physiotherapy

​Biomechanics + Proprioception:

Whether you have a persistent injury in your trunk, have persistent pain or generally want to learn how to use your breath to move more efficiently this service is for you. Our brains have natural programs for coupled movement. In this way you can use your breath to ease movement.


Try lifting your arms whilst holding your breath vs inhaling as you lift your arms. Perhaps your arms feel heavier when you hold your breath? This is an example of facilitating breath coupled movement. ​


We breathe all day every day so we may as well learn how to breathe correctly. Over-breathing can be the source of many health concerns and helped by learning how to breath in accordance to normal physiology. Breathing re-training is all about re-setting the breathing centre in your brain. Tessa follows the BreathAbility method targeted at increasing your carbon dioxide tolerance gently and safely. Prior to your appointment, we ask that you increase your awareness of your symptoms by reading through this questionnaire and marking down frequency and presence of symptoms related to over breathing.


Applied Psychotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy:
Enjoy the deep relaxation and peace of trance whilst we re-wire your subconscious to accelerate healing and change. Trance is simply a very relaxed state whilst still being alert. In this state we can access underlying thought patterns/beliefs which drive our conscious minds. 


Changing your breathing, changes your physiology. If you suffer from a heightened nervous system whilst using special effects breathing techniques can help acutely, we offer a long term solution. We offer a re-training program for the breathing set point in your brain. It's an inclusive approach despite your medical history that not only works but is safe and comfortable. This means permanently changing you're physiology to support a balanced nervous system and having the skills to re-balance as life changes. 

​Intuitive counselling:

Changing perspective to accelerate healing. Gaining a greater understanding of self, your relationships and your nervous system response.